Cement & Concrete

It operates in extremely challenging environments, where heavy loads, shock impacts, temperature fluctuations, constant pressure, and exposure to contaminants and dirt are commonplace.

To carry out various complex tasks in these rugged conditions, the industry relies on a wide array of sturdy equipment and machinery. These machines are specially designed with heavy-duty gears, gearboxes to withstand the harsh conditions and ensure smooth operations.

We provide solutions that feature:

  • Designed and engineered for heavy loads.
  • Made exclusively to sustain vibrations.
  • Engineered for efficient working at peak loads.
  • Rigidly constructed with expert engineering tactics.
  • Excellent tolerance capacity.

If you require High Performing and Tailored Products to Suit your Needs, regardless of their industry or manufacturer, TYGear is here to assist you. Our comprehensive service includes analysis and re-engineering to modernize your equipment or repower it, improving and optimizing its original features as per your requirements.

TYGear gearboxes for the cement & concrete industry have advantages as following:

  • High availability of the equipment through durable design of the gearboxes.
  • High gear ratio for the most effective use of space possible.
  • Design with a high safety factor to meet heavy load requirements.
  • Installation and service optimized.
  • Service and maintenance.
  • Experienced installers, service.  

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