OEM / ODM Cooperation Process

1. Requirements Collection

Communicate with customers to understand the equipment's application and the required specifications for input and output shafts.

2. Technical Design

Design the gearbox based on customer needs, including power, speeds, size, ratios, torque, and operating conditions.

3. CAD/CAM Design

Use computer software for gear calculations and simulations in the gearbox design.

4. Modify and Confirm

Make adjustments based on customer feedback until the design meets their requirements.

5. Final Specification & Drawings

Once confirmed, proceed with detailed drawings and production planning.

6. Quality Control

Implement strict quality checks to ensure gearbox performance and durability.

7. Packaging and Delivery

Package the gearbox securely and deliver it on time.

8. After-Sales Service

Provide timely assistance and address customer concerns during product usage.

Maintain Relationship

Establish long-term partnerships, offering ongoing technical support and collaboration opportunities.