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Steel rolling gearbox for crushing machine & tension rollers

Time: October 2023
Client: Taiwan steel rolling manufacturer

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Gearbox for 7 Inch Pipe Mill Line

Time: October 2017
Client: Russian steel pipe manufacturer

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270l Banbury Gearbox for Rubber Kneader Machine

For Power Transmission in Taiwan Tire Manufacturer's New Plant Expansion in Thailand

Time: June 2019
Client: Taiwan's leading tire manufacturer expanded to their new plant in Thailand

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28 Inch Mixer Gearbox & TYB-350S Universal Joint Shaft for PVC Film Making Machine

For Power Transmission in India's PVC Film Manufacturing Equipment Upgrade

Time: July 2019
Client: One of the oldest and largest Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film manufacturers in India

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Gearbox for Steel Roughing Rolling

For Power Transmission in a Philippine Steel Manufacturer's Roughing Rolling Production Line

Time: July 2017
Client: Steel manufacturer in the Philippines

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Gearbox for Cooling Water Tower

For Cooling Water Tower in a Renowned Japanese Shipbuilding Company

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Gearbox for Pipe Forming

For Pipe Forming Section Power Transmission In Collaboration with a Renowned Japanese Pipe Mill Equipment Manufacturer

Time: July 2023
Client: A U.S. Steel Pipe Manufacturer

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Gearbox for Overhead Crane

A Well-Known Manufacturer for Service and Installation

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Gearbox for Steel Rolled Bar Processing

For Leading Domestic Steel Manufacturing Plant in Rolled Bar Processing Sections

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