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TIEN YI Gears Define the Paper and Pulp Industries

The Paper & Pulp industry involves complex manufacturing processes that demand high precision and tight tolerances to produce quality paper products. High-quality gearboxes, disc couplings, universal joints, and precision gears play a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance of machinery within the paper and pulp sectors. TIEN YI boasts extensive experience in custom designing gears used in paper & pulp processing equipment, including pulpers, refiners, pulp cutters, and calender rolls.

Gear Boxes

Gearboxes in the paper and pulp industries are pivotal for controlling speed, torque, and direction, as well as managing variable loads. The specific design and features of the gearboxes can vary based on the equipment's requirements and the involved production processes.

Gearboxes are utilized in pulpers and refiners that break down raw wood materials into pulp fibers. They ensure precise speed control and torque transmission for the drive systems of presses, dryers, and calender rolls, while also enabling controlled rotation and tensioning of wind and unwind equipment.

Disc Couplings

Disc couplings, commonly used in the paper and pulp industries, facilitate precise and reliable torque transmission. These couplings employ a series of metallic discs or plates bolted together to transmit torque. The aligned and spaced discs compensate for misalignments between shafts. Disc couplings find application in areas such as pulp refining, paper machine rolls, wind and unwind equipment, and agitators and mixers. Disc couplings are generally no maintenance required. As long as used correctly, they can have a permanent life.

Universal Joints

Universal joints are frequently used in the paper and pulp industries to connect drive shafts to conveyors transporting wood chips, pulp, or paper through different production stages. They adapt seamlessly to various rollers, drums, beaters, and refiners used in processes like pulping, compressing, drying, screening, sorting, and more.

Custom Precision Gears 

Custom Precision Gears are commonly employed to meet the stringent precision and tight tolerances needed for quality paper production. These gears are tailored to specific paper and pulp processing requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance within machinery. 

Key attributes of precision gears encompass exceptional efficiency, precise equipment synchronization, tight tolerances minimizing backlash and wear, and minimal noise and vibration for a comfortable work environment.

Team up With TIEN YI

TIEN YI boasts proven expertise in delivering a diverse array of gears for the pulp and paper industry. Collaborating closely with customers, we tailor gear designs to meet specific needs, utilizing advanced manufacturing processes to create high-quality gears which meet AGMA standards. 

We invite you to partner with us for all your gear requirements.

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