Elevation & Transport

TIEN YI: Keeping the Crane & Transport Industry Moving

In the Crane & Transport Industry, the heavy loads often encountered call for robust gears and gearboxes designed for lifting and transporting loads.

TIEN YI Gear specializes in designing and producing a wide variety of gearboxes used in the elevation and transmission industries, including but not limited to:

  • Hoisting gearboxes, lifting, and crane gears.
  • Trolley traveling gears and gearboxes.
  • Crane traversing gearboxes.
  • Drum gearboxes and cable drum gearboxes.
  • Conveyor gearboxes.

Tien Yi Gear manufactures gearboxes that meet the high demands and extreme working conditions of these processes used in the elevation and transmission industries.

Gears, Gearboxes, and Services to Meet Every Need

Beyond designing and manufacturing gears and gearboxes, TIEN YI Gear offers a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services, catering to diverse industries and manufacturers. Our expertise includes thorough analysis and re-engineering, enhancing and modernizing equipment to match your needs. In the crane and transport sectors, our gearboxes boast durable designs for maximum efficiency, optimized installation and service, high gear ratios for efficient space utilization, and expert maintenance. Our experienced team ensures inspection and servicing, even for third-party products, while skilled installers guarantee top-notch service quality.

TIEN YI’s Commitment

TIEN YI is committed to leveraging the most advanced CAD software for designing precise gear profiles, performing torque calculations, and calculating misalignment allowances. Careful selection of steel for mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, precision machining to maintain tight tolerances and precise gear teeth, along with appropriate heat treatment to boost material durability, all combine to deliver the highest-quality gears & related components to our customers.

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