Gearbox for Cooling Water Tower

Successful Case - 

Gearbox for Cooling Water Tower in a Renowned Japanese Shipbuilding Company


This Japanese shipbuilding company is globally recognized for manufacturing high-quality vessels and related equipment. To ensure the safety and reliability of their production, they required an efficient and stable power transmission system to operate their cooling water tower and maintain the equipment's normal operating temperature. After careful evaluation through a procurement project with a Taiwan-based heat exchange design manufacturer, they chose TYGear TM Series Gearbox as their power transmission solution.

TYGear TM Series Gearbox is a professional gearbox product manufactured by TYGear. This series of gearboxes offers superior performance and reliability, widely applied in power transmission systems across various industries. Manufactured in a high-standard production environment, the TYGear TM Series Gearbox exhibits excellent durability, capable of sustained operation even under harsh conditions.

Collaboration Process:

The Taiwan-based heat exchange design manufacturer collaborated with TYGear to discuss their power transmission needs. Based on the specifications and operational requirements of the cooling water tower, TYGear provided them with 6 sets of TM Series Gearbox. These gearboxes were custom-made according to the design requirements, ensuring compatibility and operational efficiency with the existing equipment.

Successful Implementation:

The TM Series Gearbox provided by TYGear was successfully installed in the cooling water tower of this Shipbuilding Company. By delivering efficient power transmission, these gearboxes ensured stable and normal operation of the cooling water tower. Thanks to the outstanding performance of TYGear TM Series Gearbox, this Shipbuilding Company was able to maintain a stable temperature during the cooling water tower's operation, ensuring the quality and safety of the manufactured vessels.

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