Gearbox for Pipe Forming

Successful Case - 

Gearbox for Pipe Forming Section Power Transmission In Collaboration with a Renowned Japanese Pipe Mill Equipment Manufacturer

Time: July 2023
Client: A U.S. Steel Pipe Manufacturer


The client is a leading U.S. steel pipe manufacturer, renowned for producing high-quality steel pipes. To enhance production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and continuously improve product quality, they decided to upgrade and replace their mechanical equipment. After evaluating several globally recognized pipe mill equipment manufacturers, they chose to collaborate with a renowned Japanese pipe mill equipment manufacturer.


The existing power transmission system in the pipe forming section had been in use for many years, resulting in declining performance and increasing maintenance costs. Moreover, the efficiency of the old equipment could not meet the demands of modern pipe manufacturing, leading to low production line efficiency. They urgently needed an advanced solution to enhance the efficiency and quality of their pipe manufacturing production line.


After multiple meetings and technical evaluations, TYGear and the Japanese pipe mill equipment manufacturer finalized the upgrade solution for the power transmission system in the 6" DRIVE OF ROLL IN ROLL-FORMING MACHINE equipment. This new equipment design was more advanced and aligned with current requirements, enabling higher production efficiency and stability.

To ensure seamless integration with the client's production line, TYGear provided customized TM Series Gearbox along with standard drive shafts as part of the solution. These specifically designed components could better accommodate the existing mechanical structure while ensuring reliable equipment operation.


The upgraded power transmission system in the pipe forming section led to significant improvements for the client's production line. The main outcomes of this successful case are as follows:

  • Significant Increase in Production Efficiency:
    The new power transmission system achieved higher production efficiency, resulting in a notable increase in pipe production per hour, allowing TYGear to respond more swiftly to market demands.

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