270l Banbury Gearbox for Rubber Kneader Machine

Successful Case of 270L BANBURY Gearbox for the Rubber Industry

TYGear BANBURY Gearbox for Power Transmission in Taiwan Tire Manufacturer's New Plant Expansion in Thailand

Time: June 2019
Client: Taiwan's leading tire manufacturer expanded to their new plant in Thailand

They needed a reliable power transmission solution to support their production equipment. With years of successful collaboration with TYGear, and after thorough communication and analysis with TYGear's professional team, they chose the TYGear 270L BANBURY Gearbox as the core component of their power transmission system through market research and product evaluation.

The TYGear 270L BANBURY Gearbox is designed specifically for rubber kneaders, boasting high torque, low speed, and large output power capabilities. Partnering with Taiwan's tire manufacturer for their new plant expansion in Thailand, TYGear's BANBURY Gearbox achieved tremendous success in providing efficient power transmission for their production equipment.

During the assembly and commissioning stages, TYGear's technical personnel provided expert guidance and support, ensuring the smooth operation of the entire system. Through testing and practical operation, the system performed exceptionally well, seamlessly driving the production equipment and ensuring high product quality and stability.

Thanks to the collaboration with TYGear, Taiwan's tire manufacturer successfully implemented a power transmission solution for their new plant expansion, improving production efficiency and product quality. This successful case demonstrates TYGear's leading position as a gearbox manufacturer, showcasing their expertise and commitment in meeting customer needs and providing reliable products and services.

Furthermore, we have experience in the spec. line of 25L, 50L, 75L, 100L, 120L, 180L, and other related equipment.

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