Gearbox for Steel Roughing Rolling

Successful Case - 

Customized Gearbox Series by TYGear For Power Transmission in a Philippine Steel Manufacturer's Roughing Rolling Production Line

Time: July 2017
Client: Steel manufacturer in the Philippines

When customer needed to upgrade the power transmission system of their roughing rolling production line, TYGear's customized gearbox series became the core component of the solution.

 The rolling steel production line required an efficient and reliable power transmission system to ensure long-term operation and optimal performance. To achieve this goal, TYGear tailored a set of dedicated gearbox systems for the equipment's RM1-5, IM1-8, and FM1-8 workstations based on the requirements of the Philippine steel manufacturer.

These customized gearbox systems provide the necessary high torque and low speed for the production equipment while also meeting the local voltage and frequency requirements. A Taiwan-based engineering consulting company was responsible for evaluating and designing the remaining parts of the power transmission system, ensuring seamless coordination of the entire system.

Through collaboration with TYGear and the Taiwan engineering consulting company, the Philippine steel manufacturer successfully implemented their power transmission solution, resulting in increased production efficiency and improved product quality. Additionally, the outstanding performance and reliability of TYGear's custom gearbox systems earned them more trust and recognition from customers and the market.

Gearbox Motor Power Reference: Up to 700-1500 HP.

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