Gearbox for Overhead Crane

Successful Case - Singapore Crane

A Well-Known Manufacturer for Service and Installation

With over 100 years of comprehensive experience in the crane industry in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Southeast Asia, this company stands as a leading provider of overhead crane services and a supplier of lifting equipment. In recent years, TYGear has become their OEM partner, customizing various gearboxes for their overhead crane applications.

Furthermore, TYGear's TK Series Gearbox has been a long-standing choice for major steel mills and domestic and international crane manufacturers in Taiwan for power transmission.

Specifications ranging from 5 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons, 80 tons, 130 tons, to 255 tons for the main hoist, cross travel, and long travel gearboxes, reflect TYGear's extensive experience in this field.

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