Bevel Gearbox

Why choose Bevel gear (Right angle) gearbox
There are several characteristics of a right angle gearbox (or bevel gear gearbox):
Right angle(Bevel gear) design,Multiple configuration options,High transmission efficiency,Precise transmission,High torque output,High reliability,Easy maintenance:
In summary, bevel gear transmissions are widely used in industrial machinery, automation equipment, transportation vehicles, and other fields due to their versatility, efficiency, precision, and reliability.
TYGear design gearbox is your top choise! Featuring gear components follow AGMA criteria. It made of low-carbon alloy steel rods or forged and normalized materials, with a special 25-degree pressure angle tooth profile, and treated with carburization and precision gear grinding to improve gear engaging, reduce noise, increase efficiency, and extend lifespan.

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    • The gear components inside the reduction gearbox are made of low-carbon alloy steel rods or forgings that have undergone normalization treatment, resulting in a denser internal structure and increased toughness.
    • The gear components of the reduction gearbox are designed with a special 25-degree pressure angle tooth shape, with thicker tooth roots, enabling them to withstand greater loads and impacts during operation.
    • After carburization treatment, the gear components of the reduction gearbox undergo high-precision grinding with a gear grinding machine, which can improve the engaging rate of the gear surface, reduce noise, increase working efficiency, and extend the lifespan of the gear reducer.
    • There are two types for option a)Parallel shaft b)Bevel gear (Right Angle shaft).



    Plastic & Rubber

    Calender, mixer, banbery, extruder gearbox for rubber and plastic.


    Rolling machine, leveler, shear, straighter machine, pipe machinery.

    Elevation & Transport

    Main hoist, traveling gear box for lifting.

    Paper & Pulp

    Wood cutter, wood grinder gear box.


    Gearbox for sugar, mining and cement, and transmission related etc.

    Reference Model

    We also offer customized gearbox with special features.
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