Custom Gearbox

At TYGear, we specialize in crafting customized gearbox solutions tailored to your specific industrial needs. Our team of experienced engineers utilizes cutting-edge gear design software and top-tier production equipment from Europe and Japan to deliver exceptional quality and performance.

Industrial gearboxes serve as the backbone of machinery, seamlessly transmitting mechanical energy to output devices while adjusting speed, torque, and other parameters to optimize energy utilization. As a leading custom gearbox manufacturer, TYGear designs and produces a comprehensive range of gearboxes, encompassing parallel and right-angle shafts, hollow and solid shafts, multi-input/output shafts, and vertical and horizontal gearboxes with varying speeds (hydraulic, pneumatic, manual shift, etc.).

TYGear's expertise extends beyond standard gearboxes. We excel in crafting customized gearbox designs that meet your precise application requirements. Our team meticulously analyzes your needs, carefully considering factors such as speed reduction, torque amplification, and speed regulation, to engineer the ideal gearbox for your machinery.

TYGear's unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our gearboxes deliver superior performance and longevity. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorously test each gearbox to guarantee high load capacity, minimal noise levels, and an extended lifespan.

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    • Transmits mechanical energy to output devices according to customer needs, and meets the space requirements of the equipment.
    • Can adjust its speed, torque, and other properties to meet different application requirements.
    • Tien Yi Gear produces various types of gearboxes, including parallel, planetary, hollow and solid shaft, multi-input/output shaft, vertical and horizontal gearboxes, and can be customized.
    • Different speeds (hydraulic, pneumatic, manual shift, etc.) are suitable for various equipment.
    • High load capacity, low noise, and long lifespan ensure optimal performance and durability.
    • Tien Yi has an experienced design team with over 20 years of experience, using advanced design software and production equipment to provide the best solutions to customers, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.


    Plastic & Rubber

    Calender, mixer, banbery, extruder gearbox for rubber and plastic.


    Rolling machine, leveler, shear, straighter machine, pipe machinery.

    Elevation & Transport

    Main hoist, traveling gear box for lifting.

    Paper & Pulp

    Wood cutter, wood grinder gear box.


    Gearbox for sugar, mining and cement, and transmission related etc.

    Reference Model

    We also offer customized gearbox with special features.
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