Disc Coupling


The disc coupling is a common mechanical transmission device that transmits the rotational torque between bearings to coordinate the movement of different mechanical components. Steel disc couplings are usually composed of two steel discs and some bolts, which are used to clamp the two steel discs and transmit the rotational torque through friction.
Steel disc couplings are mainly used in machinery equipment such as reducers, motors, pumps, fans, and compressors.

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    • No lubrication required: Due to no sliding and friction, lubricating oil is not needed, and there is no noise or wear.
    • No maintenance required: As long as used correctly, it can have a permanent life
    • Lightweight and high torque resistance: Depending on the operation, it has a wide selection range and can replace materials with aluminum alloy to reduce weight.
    • Allows for larger eccentricity: Due to the large eccentricity range, it can be flexibly used in various transmission systems.
    • Suitable for high-temperature occasions: All are assembled with metal components and can be applied to higher temperatures.
    • No backlash, high torsional stiffness: Most suitable for machines that require correct axis rotation and phase control.
    • Suitable for high-speed operation: Due to no backlash and lightweight, high balance, it can be applied to industries with high-speed operation.
    • Easy to install and remove: Due to the small number of components and compact size, installation and removal can be done quickly.
    • Strong and robust structure with high safety factor: Due to the low standard of load stress, a high safety factor can be achieved.
    • Automatic protection device: When the components are damaged, there is an automatic protection device that rotates through the gasket.


    Applicable Equipment

    Disc couplings are mainly used in machinery such as reducers, motors, pumps, fans, and compressors. 

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