Gear Coupling

TYGear stands as a leading gear coupling manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of high-performance gear couplings tailored to diverse industrial applications. Our gear couplings are extensively used in machinery to seamlessly connect rotating equipment, including electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, compressors, and other gearboxes. At TYGear, we are steadfast in delivering durable and reliable gear couplings that ensure uninterrupted power transmission, torque transfer, and vibration damping, even in challenging conditions involving misalignment and bending.

Industrial gear couplings play a pivotal role in connecting rotating shafts, facilitating the smooth transfer of power and torque between machinery components. They serve as a critical safeguard against vibration, misalignment, and excessive stress, effectively preventing damage and downtime that could hinder industrial operations.

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, couplings are a ubiquitous component, widely employed in various machinery across diverse industries. These include production lines, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, textiles, papermaking, printing, food processing, and packaging industries.

At TYGear, we prioritize quality and performance in every gear coupling we manufacture. Our team of experienced engineers leverages cutting-edge design software and adheres to rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure that our gear couplings deliver exceptional performance in even the most demanding industrial environments.

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    • Flexible crowned tooth design, precision cut with a 20-degree pressure angle and chamfered tooth ends, allows for larger axial tolerances and can handle higher loads.
    • The tooth surface undergoes special hardening treatment, providing great strength and wear resistance. This allows for the connection of shafts with high loads and high-speed rotation.
    • Closed type coupling design allows for easy lubrication, prevents dust accumulation, and eliminates leakage.
    • After initial rough material processing, the material is heat-treated by quenching and tempering to strengthen its toughness. Following that, bead blasting is employed to eliminate any remaining stresses.




    Cable, heavy load machinery, and factories with high horsepower loads.

    We also offer customized gearbox with special features.
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