Precision Gear

TYGear stands out as a leading precision gear manufacturer, specializing in the design and production of custom precision gears tailored to a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of gear types, including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, double-helical gears (herring-bone gears), and worm gears and worm shafts.

We recognize that every industrial application has unique requirements, and we are committed to providing customized precision gears that perfectly match your specific needs. Our team carefully analyzes your requirements, considering factors such as material selection, tooth profile, and load capacity, to engineer the ideal gears for your machinery.

TYGear adheres to stringent quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that every precision gear we produce meets the highest industry standards. Our gears are inspected using the German gear inspection instrument, and we can also provide UT and MT testing upon request. Additionally, we provide Profile, Lead, and Pitch Report data sheets to greatly enhance precision and ensure quality.

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    • Outer Diameter Range: Ø100-Ø2000 mm
    • Module: M2-M35
    • Materials: Various types of steel and chromium-molybdenum alloy forged steel, suitable materials can be selected according to customer requirements 
    • Accuracy: DIN4, JIS 0, AGMA 12


    Reference Model

    We also offer customized gearbox with special features.
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