Gearbox for Electric Injection Molding Machine

The TGSM injection molding gearbox is designed and manufactured specifically for high-torque, high-speed operating environments, with a focus on reducing abrasion and noise to improve transmission efficiency.

Using a U-shaped design, the TGSM reduction gearbox employs three-step reductions between the input shaft (motor side) and output shaft (drive screw and tube connected side), resulting in a more compact and efficient use of space.

All gear elements in the TGSM reduction gearbox adhere to the AGMA criterion (with DIN and JIS standard fabrication also available) and are made from a low-carbon alloy steel bar (usually SCM420). After carburization heat treatment, the gear elements undergo gear grinding fabrication to ensure they meet AGMA level 10 standards, resulting in low noise, minimal abrasion, and high efficiency.

The TGSM reduction gearbox is available in a variety of motor flange and driving shaft types or can be custom-designed for a wide range of applications.

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    1. Save power & suitable for big tons of output in production, stable output during injection, power starts when the material has been delivered and stops automatically when no material is detected
    2. High torque, High rotation speed, Less abrasion & low noise. 
    3. Lubrication System: Oil Forced Type
    4. Reach AGMA 10 LEVEL & UP 
    5. Motor Flange & Input Shaft customized available as per request.



    We also offer customized gearbox with special features.
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