Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox

TWIN SCREW TB & TBV series—for Extruder Machine
Twin screw extruder gearboxes for extruders are commonly used in the production of various plastic products. These gearboxes are often used in the plastic processing industry to provide precise and efficient mixing, compounding, and melting of plastic materials. Some of the products that can be produced using twin screw extruders include pipes, films, sheets, fibers, and profiles, among others. Twin screw gearboxes for extruders can also be used in the production of food products such as snacks, breakfast cereals, and pet food, among others.

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      • The TB series Twin Screw Gear Box includes both Co Rotating and Counter Rotating types, consisting of Input and Output elements. The Output side is designed with a Thrust Bearing and flange to withstand high pressure and absorb axial pressure from extruders.
      • The gear elements are designed according to the AGMA criterion, using low-carbon alloy steel bar materials, typically SCM420 or equivalent. After carburization heat treatment, the precision reaches AGMA 10 level, and the gear surface is treated with grinding to ensure low noise, low abrasion, and high efficiency during operation.
      • The #294 Series Thrust bearing features an axial self-aligning roller type and a multi-row stacked tandem bearing package, providing low friction and a heavy axial load capacity advantage



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