Steel rolling plant-gearbox for crushing machine & tension rollers

Successful Case of gearbox for

crushing machine & tension rollers

Time: October 2023
Client: Taiwan steel rolling manufacturer

At the well-known domestic steel rolling plant , the crushing machine plays a key role in processing steel strips by breaking the surface rust and ensuring the quality of the final product. The operation of this crushing machine is closely tied to the functioning of the tension rollers, responsible for providing tension to the steel strips during the crushing process.

 However, with over 30 years of operation, the crushing machine, specifically the gearbox for importing 4# and exporting 1# and 2# tension rollers, had exceeded its durability limit. Prolonged use and wear and tear had resulted in problems that threaten the normal operation of the production line. To ensure production continuity, APL#1 steel rolling plant started up on an upgrade plan to procure new gearboxes, replacing the aged and damaged components.

This upgrade plan obtained to several key positive outcomes:

Ensuring the stable operation of the production line: The installation of new gearboxes restored the crushing machine to regular operation, ensuring the stability of the production line. This is crucial for the in-house steel strip processing process as any production interruptions could lead to unnecessary production losses.

Enhancing production efficiency: The modern design of the new gearboxes offers higher performance and efficiency, allowing for the processing of more steel strips while saving energy and resources, further boosting production efficiency.

Strengthening safety: The upgraded equipment is more reliable and safe, reducing potential risks and accident hazards. This contributes to employee safety and reduces damage risks during the production process.

Extending the equipment's lifespan: By upgrading critical components of the crushing machine, Steel rolling plant ensured an extended equipment lifespan, delaying future investment requirements.

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