Company Profile

  • Year of Found: 1974
  • Experience: over 40 years in gear industry
  • Capital: USD2,800,000
  • Major product line:
    1) Gear Box    2) Gear Coupling & Disc Coupling    3) Universal Joint    4) Precision Gear    5) Customized design
  • Application :
    1) Plastic & Rubber Industry    2) Steel Industry    3) Crane Industry    4) Paper Industry    5) Transport Industry
  • Market:
    1) Domestic sales    2) Asia: Japan, China, Malaysia , Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India    3) America: USA, Mexico, Brazil
  • Quality Checking: Germany KLINGELNBERG P150 Measuring Trial Equipment which apply Gear Profile Lead Report and Pitch Report
  • Certification: 2006 obtained Certification: ISO 9001-2000 version & further upgrading to ISO 9001-2015, AGMA membership since 2016
Company Profile


Factory Zone: 10,000m² followed the standard of ISO9000-2008

  • Automatic storage
  • Five Sections:
    1) Receiving area   2) Processing area   3) Assembling area   4) QC area   5) Package & shipping area


Membership Of AGMA
ISO Certification

Equipment Capability

  • Gear Grinding Machine: 4 sets German NILES & Gleason Brand
  • Internal Grinding Machine: 4 sets Japan & German Brand
  • Gear Hobbing Machine: 14 sets Japan & German Brand Max outside dia. 300-2000mm
  • CNC lathe: 6 sets Max outside dia. 300-800mm Max. Length/ 500-2000mm
  • Gear Shapping Machine: 3 sets
  • CNC Machine Center: 3 sets
  • Spline Machine: 3 sets
  • Gear Measuring Machine: German Klingelnberg P150

QC Inspection


2006 obtained Certification: ISO 9001-2000 version & further upgrading to ISO-9001-2015. Tien Yi Gear Became AGMA membership in 2016.

QC Inspection

Procedure of quality checking

Parts under production checked in every stop,do sampling testing by technician,QC check casually until parts completing. QC will check finished parts before package then make approval & inspection report before shipment. UT testing(Non-destructive testing),MT testing(Magnetic crack inspection) are available by customer required.

In order to supply the best precision gears, Tien Yi Gear bought Germany KLINGELNBERG P150 Measuring Trial Equipment in 2013 to double check Gear precise and rectify precision of gear grinding machine as well . Which can apply Gear Profile Lead Report and Pitch Report giving the most reliability & satisfaction to all of our customers leading Tien Yi Gear stands on top of one of gear suppliers.

QC Inspection

R & D Team

Most experienced R&D Team — is our strong back up & behind our customers

Established in 1993, most of them owned many years experiences in Gear Industry to service all kinds of Customized demand and giving most Economic Cost consideration as well as bringing High Efficiency Machinery.

To qualify vary customers demand, Tien Yi adopted gear design software from European & USA since 2009. It is well known and used in worldwide Gear & related industries which includes Spur Gear, Helical Gear Bevel Gear, Worm & Worm wheel as well as Strength calculation for Shaft & Bearing for Customers evaluation.

Gear Strength calculation based on ISO Criterion, AGMA or DIN Standards are also available as per customer required. In general, Gear Elements made by Tien Yi Gear adopted by AGMA criterion, JIS or DIN Standards are available as well as per customer demand to reach wide range utility.

R & D Team

Company History

Year Event
1974 Established by CHEN TINE-HO, under the name of TIEN YI GEAR CORP, with 5 employees.Main activity in family workshop OEM.
1979 Started raising the management, we purchased CNC Lathe apparatus, Honing Gear Machine,CNC Machine Center to produce Gears and Gear Couplings. Meanwhile, we created our own brand of "TIEN YI", and changed company name to "TIEN YI WORKS CO., LTD.
1983 To meet the marketing requirement, started purchasing the Gear Grounding Machine to manufacture precision gears and make Gear Reducers at the same time.
1985 Started developing Universal Joint to provide the iron and steel factory.
1989 Started developing Disc Couplings.
1993 With increasing business and fast turnover, we moved to Hsinchu Industrial Park with a new factory area of 1500 pings(5000m2), 30 employees and professional experienced engineers.
2000 Purchased Profile Grinding Machine from Germany with on-line measure to optimize the production ability and gear precision. And obtained ISO 9001 Certification in year of 2006.
2007 Enlarged the factory area of 3000 pings(10000m2), increased to 50 employees.
2008 Purchased the most advanced Gear Grounding Equipment, GLEASON PFAUTER Gear Grounding Machine to extend the production. Capital increased to US$2,800,000.
2013 Purchased Gear Measuring Machine Klingelnberg P150.
2016 Become membership of AGMA